Sunday, September 29, 2013

My best friends have style

What I wore!

I promised some snaps, so here is what I wore for picture day:

Flowers by Zoe sweatshirt
H&M Leggings
New Balance kicks
I thought this this outfit was a real star! :)
So my family doesn't feel left out, here is my twin sister, Madeline, and my little brother Eric:
I think they looked fantastic too!

Good friends and their styles

So, even though my sister is my best friend, I still have a lot of other really good friends too. Everyone needs good friends! Which reminds me, I have a really good friend, we'll call her M., that rocked picture day today. 

She wore a cute little black short sleeve shirt. Now do you think that's all? No way! To complete her outfit, she had a pretty shiny gold skirt with little black polka dots and black tights. Simple black flats completed her look. Oh, and her hair looked salon perfect!

Picture Day!

I am so excited!

Tomorrow is my favorite day: picture day! I can't wait to see the hair, dresses, skirts, shirts and shoes my friends will be wearing. 

I am going to wear a black sweatshirt. Sounds simple doesn't it? But there is more to it. It has bronze-colored sequins all over the sleeves with a big studded off-center green camo colored star! To make my look even cuter, I am pairing it with skinny black leggings and colorful sneakers to finish it.

For accessories, I have a beautiful pair of earrings my GrandJan bought for me. They are teardrop-shaped with adorable tiny shells inside of them and a sweet pink background. I don't want to wear a necklace because it will compete with my cool sweatshirt. 

Stay tuned for pictures!

Welcome to my blog!

A tiny bit about me...

Hi! My name is Eva Hilzenrath. I am 9 years old and in 4th grade. I love fashion, art, music, softball and soccer. The theme of my blog is school wear. I love a good hip outfit.

Hip shoe season!

It is one of my favorite seasons: FALL!
I love seeing all of the boots and sneakers some of my friends wear. I probably love the super-high top sneakers the most. They make a lot of the outfits my friends wear fantastic.
Vans Kids Authentic Super High

Converse Kid's Chuck Taylor X-Hi Sneaker
Sketchers Girl's Twinkle Toes Shuffles-Dream Date

Justice Peace Mid-Calf Sneakers