Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Welcome Back!

The summer breeze has cooled down and it's finally fall! At this time of year, stores are stocking all the new fall fashions, and I just love it!

Shoes are probably my favorite thing about fall. If it's a cold school day, try a sweater with jeans and a pair of Ugg boots. Also a fun casual look is a pair of slip on sneakers - patterned, calf hair or perforated leather - look great with leggings and a plain long sleeve shirt. I love this pair from Michael Kors:

Michael Kors Ivy Jade Slip On

Boots go with everything (other than some kinds of sweatpants). My favorite kind of boots are combat boots. They make my outfits look so stylish because they complete another piece of my accessory puzzle. I have a new obsession for a pair of combat boots I got only three days ago. They are a pair of black zipper and lace up Steve Madden boots. Check 'em out:

Here's how they look out of the box:

I adore them so much! Showing them off always makes me smile. Wherever you are, always be prepared with a great pair of boots this season!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

School Out! Summer In!

My school is ending in a couple of days and my sister, mom and I have been shopping for clothing for camp. It may not seem like it, but seven weeks are long. That means that you always have to prepare. Thanks to my amazing mom, tank tops, shorts and sweatshirts already have been picked out.

Camp Fashion Advice

When you are at camp, you need the perfect clothing to run around in but still be fashionable. When you're playing sports its preferable to wear shorts that you can run around in but still would match with a cute tee shirt. When you're roasting marshmallows, I think a tank top under a sweatshirt with a pair of jean shorts would look very camp-ready. Even though not everyone would like these looks, I know that they suit me. And if you want to have great friends with good fashion sense, go to Camp Nock-A-Mixon!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Wedding Prep

A few months ago my Uncle Mike proposed to his girlfriend AUNT Jenna! It's very exciting to have an aunt that loves fashion like me! Aunt Jenna and Uncle Mike told me and my sister, Madeline, we would be the junior bridesmaids. Since the wedding is coming up on May 10,2014 we  have to find all the things we would have to wear to the wedding,and so far my sister and I already have mostly found everything.

The very hard and dramatic search for dresses

Since our dresses had to be nude, we went to they the mall on a epic journey to find the perfect dresses.We went on a expedition to Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's,Justice, and J. Crew. But we sadly walked out of the mall with nothing. So we went to Gotham we found the perfect dresses but they were way to expensive. Returning home with no shopping bags in our hands, my mom raced to the computer and found the same exact dress from Gotham online for a lower price! My dress fit me perfect. Here's a look at what I got:

When Madeline's dress came it was so big it was like you could fit another one of her in there. My mom worried about us having bridal shower dresses, so soon we found ourselves looking for Zara Terez dresses in Kids at Heart. We found great Zara Terez dresses for the bridal shower and also the perfect dress that  Madeline would wear during the wedding. Well it did not fit her on a Saturday morning during a beautiful April day we were getting Madeline's dress fitted. We have not picked up the dress yet but we know it will  fit Madeline perfectly when we pick it up. And that was the dramatic search for dresses.

The very odd way to look for shoes

Last Saturday, my family and I were going to the mall to search for a suit for my brother. Also we were searching for shoes for me and Madeline.  Suits for little brothers are hard to find when they have to be navy. Even though I love shopping , shopping for little  brothers can be BOR-ING! After we left the boy stores we started looking for shoes. Finally we found the perfect place to buy shoes. I found a pair shoes that fit me perfectly. Madeline loved them too, to so my dad started to look for her size . He found the shoes but they really high up. A sales lady passed by saying "If you need help getting shoes I will help you". Not thinking, my dad takes the shoes box and pulls it out, then a bunch of shoe boxes start to fall down on him. The sales lady comes up to him and says" You should have asked for my help". It was hilarious! As soon as my sister and I try on the shoes we know we do not like them. So we try on another pair which were nude that had a heel also with a little flower. We knew that they were perfect so we got them. And that is how the wedding prep went for me.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Let's Go Shopping!

I know every blogger probably has a favorite shop or store to shop in. For me, it's a little different. I like each shop I shop in for different reasons. This shop I am going to talk about is a shop where someone like my mom would go. This place is called Gito. One of my favorite things about Gito is that it is right in my town, so I can always look at things before my guitar lessons or basketball games.

At Gito, I really love their shoe selection. One day I came across low distressed black leather booties from Maison Martin Margiela. 

These booties could probably match with almost everything in my closet. If you want to accessorize with great jewelry to mach your outfit or clothing that is unique and in season, check out Gito!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Wishlist Christmas

This Christmas I got so many things, like an awesome North Face Jacket and a Lego set to add to my Lego City. But I realized that some people don't get what we get. So my Christmas wish was that all the kids that don't get a gift on Christmas get at least one present over the holidays. If you still have toys that you don't play with and that are not worn out, you could give these to a charity that gives kids the chance to get a present. These kids depend on our help, and helping makes their lives better.

My family does something like this too, it is called Toys for Tots. My brother, sister and I get to pick new toys from the store and give them to kids that don't get them.

Something New

This Hanukkah I got all the things I ever wanted. I was not thinking about any thing else that I wanted. But then it came to me, I did want something...Something new

Soon enough I did get something new. I got something that could warm my feet for the winter but be stylish and pretty too. New slippers! Apparently my parents bought these right in front of me before Hanukkah but I forgot about them. So these slippers are nice and fluffy in the inside and have sequins all over on the outside. These slippers are able to match with any of my clothes and PJ's. Without these slippers my feet would be cold the whole winter :( ! So I would like to thank my parents for buying these and for everything they got me and caring about about me.