Monday, April 14, 2014

The Wedding Prep

A few months ago my Uncle Mike proposed to his girlfriend AUNT Jenna! It's very exciting to have an aunt that loves fashion like me! Aunt Jenna and Uncle Mike told me and my sister, Madeline, we would be the junior bridesmaids. Since the wedding is coming up on May 10,2014 we  have to find all the things we would have to wear to the wedding,and so far my sister and I already have mostly found everything.

The very hard and dramatic search for dresses

Since our dresses had to be nude, we went to they the mall on a epic journey to find the perfect dresses.We went on a expedition to Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's,Justice, and J. Crew. But we sadly walked out of the mall with nothing. So we went to Gotham we found the perfect dresses but they were way to expensive. Returning home with no shopping bags in our hands, my mom raced to the computer and found the same exact dress from Gotham online for a lower price! My dress fit me perfect. Here's a look at what I got:

When Madeline's dress came it was so big it was like you could fit another one of her in there. My mom worried about us having bridal shower dresses, so soon we found ourselves looking for Zara Terez dresses in Kids at Heart. We found great Zara Terez dresses for the bridal shower and also the perfect dress that  Madeline would wear during the wedding. Well it did not fit her on a Saturday morning during a beautiful April day we were getting Madeline's dress fitted. We have not picked up the dress yet but we know it will  fit Madeline perfectly when we pick it up. And that was the dramatic search for dresses.

The very odd way to look for shoes

Last Saturday, my family and I were going to the mall to search for a suit for my brother. Also we were searching for shoes for me and Madeline.  Suits for little brothers are hard to find when they have to be navy. Even though I love shopping , shopping for little  brothers can be BOR-ING! After we left the boy stores we started looking for shoes. Finally we found the perfect place to buy shoes. I found a pair shoes that fit me perfectly. Madeline loved them too, to so my dad started to look for her size . He found the shoes but they really high up. A sales lady passed by saying "If you need help getting shoes I will help you". Not thinking, my dad takes the shoes box and pulls it out, then a bunch of shoe boxes start to fall down on him. The sales lady comes up to him and says" You should have asked for my help". It was hilarious! As soon as my sister and I try on the shoes we know we do not like them. So we try on another pair which were nude that had a heel also with a little flower. We knew that they were perfect so we got them. And that is how the wedding prep went for me.