Sunday, May 31, 2015

How Design Happens

"Welcome to Kahn Lucas," said Mr. Kahn as we walked in. "Today you will be seeing how we design." "I am very excited to see everything!" I replied.  "Lets start the tour," said Mr. Kahn. We walked around the office and Mr. Kahn introduced me to designers, marketers and seamstresses. I got to see what everyone did and how the fashion lines came together.

My first stop was a big rack of fabrics that were going to be used in production. Fabric sourcing is where it all begins. Then I talked with the designers to learn how they used the fabrics and patterns to make different lines. It was so unexpected!

First, the designer may go out to a store to see pieces of clothing, styles and patterns that are current. and that they really like. These don't have to be kids clothes - they will take anything back that looks interesting or exciting. The pieces go back to Kahn Lucas, and the designer may be inspired by one part of the outfit (or a pattern) and they make a new design out of it. Old popular looks may be re-used. I learned that there was a dress that they made last year that was re-made this year because it was so popular.
A Couture Look From Kahn Lucas

After visiting with the designers, we moved on to see how an outfit is put together. There is a giant printer that is used to print pattern instructions, and where to put each part of the dress or outfit. Its like when you are building with Legos or doing a jigsaw puzzle. After that the design goes to the sewing room for a sample to be made. The sewing room was so cool. There were all different fabrics and designs. The outfits took teamwork and multiple cutters, sewers and finishers to make.

I actually have some pictures of outfits, but I can't share them because they are not sold yet. I got a sneak peak at what is coming - and it is SO COOL!

I learned so much about design that day. It was a blast!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Welcome to NYC

Last Friday was probably one of the best days of my life. Why? Well it all started on a late Sunday afternoon (I think),

I was trying on a pair of shoes I bought when my Mom came into my room to talk to me. She told me that she and Dad's friend is the  CEO of a company called Kahn Lucas. Mr. Kahn invited me to come visit the Kahn Lucas offices and meet with the designers. No excitement yet, because at that moment I had never heard of Kahn Lucas, but as she started to describe it, I became very exited about a possible visit and decided to do some research on Kahn Lucas to see what it is all about.

Kahn Lucas is made up of a few different brands: Sweetheart Rose, Bloome De Jeune Fille, Youngland, Emily West, Dollie & Me, and Krazylegs. My personal favorite is Emily West.  After taking a look at the Kahn Lucas website, I couldn't wait to tell Mr. Kahn I wanted to visit! Of course, I had to wait until May 8th which was like to weeks. It felt like forever, but soon it was May 8th. But I had to wait until 11;30! Ugh I am so not patient!

So after what felt like 10 hours of school my mom finally came to pick me up! We drove to New York City and ate lunch at Pret a Manger. After lunch, we went to Macy's and looked at makeup and shoes. Once we were done window shopping, we walked to the Manhattan Mall which is next to the Kahn Lucas offices. Of course, we couldn't resist some shopping, and I bought some clothing from Live Love Dream, which I will review soon. Finally We went to Kahn Lucas. I opened the glass doors and walked in...

And you'll have to read the next post to find out more!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Graphic Tees

I love a good tee-shirt that I can just throw on, and it looks amazing without having to think too hard about it. Graphic tees are my favorite kind of tee because they express who you are without having to say a word. I am always looking for a great tee that suits every one of my moods.  Target's cool tees have caught my eye! Their graphic tees are fun and bouncy, with bright colors. Normally if I was looking  for graphic tees Target would not be the first place I would look.

When I was looking for some of Lily Pulitzer's clothes on  the Target website (they sadly sold out in the first five minutes), I saw a graphic tee that I fell in love with! I looked around a bit more, and saw so many awesome graphic tees. Each were cute with a touch of sass that fit my style. Take a look:
Micky may not be my favorite Disney character, but I found this to be so cute!

This reminds me that I need to travel more.

The perfect shirt for my Instagram obsession.
Reminds me of me.

Probably my favorite 90s movie.

You can find all of these shirts and more at Target. I plan to rock all of them this summer. We'll have to talk about what bottoms I'm going to pair with them in another post!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Its April 19 - there is only one and a half more months until summer, and I still do not have sandals! I started searching for sandals about a month ago, and I found some great options, but nothing was exactly what I was looking for. 

Today I found two pairs of sandals that I am completely obsessed with. The first pair of sandals are cute wedges with silver straps. They are called Michael Kors Mabelle Fabric Wedge Sandals. Take a look:

The other pair I love are also from Michael Kors. They are a smaller wedge, and the color is great!  This pair of gold sandals would be especially pretty with my new fifth grade graduation dress. The dress is a cream floral lace with a cross back. Take a peek at it here:

That's me with my twin sister trying on our new graduation dresses. So here is the second pair of shoes:

The shoes are called Michael by Michael Kors Kid's Cate Beth Sandals. I like both pairs of sandals because the colors are neutral but not boring. I love metallic leather because it can make a plain dress look unique and exciting. I only want to get one pair of sandals because I know I will get a lot of use out of them...and my foot is still growing! Which pair of sandals should I get?